Arizona Federal — TV w/Leslie Nielsen

Arizona Federal


Arizona Federal is a $1.6 billion credit union with 210,00 members. 
The financial institution features 23 branches throughout the greater Phoenix region.


Research confirmed that the state of banking was painstaking for most consumers. Unnecessary 
fees. Unforeseen charges. Unhappy customers. Focus groups uncovered that Arizona Federal was 
actually the opposite of banks and rather easy to do business with.


With his strong Q-Rating score that crossed all of Arizona Federal’s 
diverse demographics, Leslie Nielsen was chosen as the ambassador 
of the brand. The star of “Airplane” and “Naked Gun” was a perfect 
match with his characters always turning simple tasks into difficult 
situations. The creative strategy was that if Leslie discovers how easy 
it is to bank at Arizona Federal — than anyone can. People caught on. 
They were entertained, but more importantly, educated. Soon after 
the campaign launch, membership grew by 12 percent.

Television Commercial